The life of a miniature Schnauzer named Benji

Woof! My name is Benji and I am a miniature schnauzer that was rescued off of the streets of Miami. I went from a bum dog off of the streets to a bum dog in a spoil household.
Come and follow me on my adventures.

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  • A 12-Year-Old Dog Was Left At Kill Shelter. Her New Owner Has A Message For Those Who Abandoned Her.   .


    … This is just… I don’t even know what to say.

    I’m sorry if I come out rude in this part of the post. how can people do this
    I Mean Come On
    What the actual F****

    When I was in high school I had a beautiful parson terrier
    She suffered from epilepsy and then renal failure.
    I had no job and my only source of income was my “allowance” of $20 a week.
    You know what I would do.
    I would save that money and buy my dog the sh** she needed to live comfortably her last 8 months.
    I slept on a couch for 8 months so she was comfortable and sleeping with me.

    What I am trying to say is.
    I understand if you have very limited income because I went through all of that, but try to do everything in your power to make that family member feel loved till the last minute.
    I still cry every now and then thinking that I did not do everything in my power to save my little baby that passed away.


    Biggies Favorite Things Give Away:

    Its give away time! This is my 1K follower celebration, but since being a featured blog that number has quickly changed to 2K and growing! Thanks everyone!

    One winner will be chosen on August 20th at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time via number generator. I will make a post at this time notifying the winner, (who I will also message privately). I will also pay for shipping fees.

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    Okay, now to the goodies! These are a few of Biggies most favorite things in the world that YOU could win!

    -Two ToyShoppe Playables. These are great because they don’t have any stuffing, which Biggie is prone to ripping out, ingesting, throwing up, and then trying to re-ingest all over again. One is a Fox and the other is a Skunk.

    -One orange ToysRUs Pets chicken-flavored chew-toy. Biggie can chew on this for hours (his is a green one) and many of you know how Biggie feels about chicken flavor!

    -One bag of Chicken Jerky strips from Milo’s Kitchen. These delicious munchies are great for a special treat. They are also free of any artificial flavoring and coloring!

    -Two Blue Buffalo dental chew bones. These are super yummy AND good for puppers teeth!

    -One Greenies dental chew bone, also super yummy and good for puppers teeth!

    -One $10 gift card to PetSmart which also includes a coupon book inside that reaches a value of $60! The coupons range from bird seed to $2 off Fish and Small Animals!

    Good luck everyone!

    Benji wants to win !

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