The life of a miniature Schnauzer named Benji

So this is a blog about a miniature schnauzer named Benji.
He was found roaming the streets of Miami and is now a bum dog in a spoil household.
You are welcome to ask any questions or just tag along!
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    Let’s do a thing! We are 5 followers away from 10,000 so here’s a challenge to celebrate! I wanted to challenge myself to post at least one photo a day and I’m hoping the topics will help me work on my photography and get creative.

    If anyone wants to join in there’s a tag I’ll be tracking! Not particularly expecting anyone to join in but you know, just in case. 

    Happy September!

    We want to play! :D

    When we first got Mika we created the Aussie Photo Challenge, and I had thought of doing something similar (but not breed specific) to get some of you guys involved! We will try to join in but ah, no promises haha. I would assume you want us to try to take new photos for this, right?

    Yay! People want to play! I’ll being doing new photos to challenge myself. But there aren’t any rules or anything haha. However anyone wants to join in!

    I shall be doing this once i disconnect my computer from the tv.

    Photo challenge, always fun to do!! Here we go!!

    I’ll try !

    (via rustysally)

    Any of Benji’s followers love close to the west Palm Beach area ?
    I might go there on a mini vacation and would like to meet benji’s followers
    That or Tampa which is a little farther, but might be better and cheaper stay….

    I forgot to mention I’m definitely taking Benji with me

    So I saw a gorgeous dobey with floppy ears (which I love)
    Then a two huskies, one was really fat ( I think she suffers from something), and the other one was gorgeous.
    I couldn’t get good pictures of them
    And then there was this mixed dog which we could not decide what breed he was

    southernsnowdogs wherehorsesmeetdogs I’m not sure if you’re able to see from the pictures, but the husky is really fat . The owner tries to get her to walk, but with the heat she hardly does and I am pretty sure the dog suffers from something. She also has a harsh coat.


    I was tagged by rottweilersatemylaptop for the handwriting challenge thingy (my handwriting has truly gone down the pan since I quit uni haha)

    1. name
        2. url
        3. blog title
        4. crush
        5. favorite color
        6. ALL CAPS
        7. favorite band
        8. favorite number
        9. favorite drink
        10. tag ten people

    I’m tagging-

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    So I was tagged by ollietherottweiler 1. Samantha 2. 3. The life of a miniature schnauzer named Benji. 4. Don’t have one? 5. Green 6. BENJI IS MY BABY 7. The offspring 8. Don’t really have one 9. Peach sweet iced tea 10. ladylondonthecorgi ladypadawan faerielandcorgiandbeagle wherehorsesmeetdogs haleysolo excitingadventuresoftommy tatertheshihtzu rustysally bebechiquito lilogizmotheshihtzu
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