The life of a miniature Schnauzer named Benji

So this is a blog about a miniature schnauzer named Benji.
He was found roaming the streets of Miami and is now a bum dog in a spoil household.
You are welcome to ask any questions or just tag along!
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  • kennelsofcompassion:

    BUDDY -
    This senior citizen is a great little guy looking for a forever loving home. He’s available for adoption in any of the following states: AL, FL, GA, MS, SC & TN. He’s a well behaved elderly man who still has plenty of spunk, energy and life left in him! He’s got natural ears and a docked tail, he’s already crate trained and house broken and playful too. You must understand that Buddy plays very vocally, meaning he growls extremely loud and it sounds mean but this is just how he plays and he hasn’t ever hurt a single person, so don’t let it scare you off! Unfortunately Buddy was abandoned by his owners because they were getting a divorce and I guess they decided their dog should also suffer for their decisions. Because of this he is now in need of a real family; people who will actually love him and cherish him and won’t abandon him for any reason and most definitely not one as terrible as that! Is that you? Do you have a heart and home for a playful and spunky and loving senior citizen? If so you really should give this guy a chance because he most definitely deserves it!

    Spayed/Neutered: YES
    Vaccinated: YES
    + House broken + Crate trained 

    Located in: Nashville TENNESSEE
    Shelter: Schnauzer Love Rescue Inc.
    Address: Nashville TN 37203 
    ID #: N/A
    Hours: Contact to arrange a time

    Click here for this animal’s petfinder page.

    I want this old man for benji :(
    Come on people just because you’re getting a divorce doesn’t mean “let’s abandon the dog”.

    I’d rather kick my husband to the curb and keep the dog

    Sorry for the sappy post and rant you’re more than welcome to scroll through this I understand trust me I do…

    Benji is just amazing. He’s been acting different lately ( in a good way).
    I guess he sees that I am a little sad and haven’t been in the “mood” to go out much, so what he does now is wait for me by the stairs if I go upstairs and get changed for 10-5 minutes or an hour or two.
    He didn’t do this before he would wait by his bed, but I love the fact the he waits for me and then he gets excited as if he hasn’t seen me in days.
    Days like these are the days that get me through a shit day at work, school, or life in general.

    Benji you are just the best and I wouldn’t change you for all of the millions of dollars in the world.

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